Sell Us Your House

Why are you selling?
People sell to NAJ Management for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they simply feel like selling. Most of the time, people sell to us to solve a problem. Whatever the issue, we can help.
Mortgage more than your house is worth? We can help negotiate with the bank so you can sell your house and pay off your mortgage at the same time.

Owe taxes you can’t pay? We can pay your tax bill before we buy your house. Tired of being a landlord? We can buy your house so you don’t have to worry. Tired of being a landlord but don’t want to give up the monthly payments? We can structure the deal so we replace your monthly rent with payments from us.

House need repairs? We’ll buy your house and still give you a good price since we can fix the house ourselves. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us using the form below along with your reason for selling your property using the list accompanying the contact form.